Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is there a cherry Matchless in your future?

Cherry Matchless double treadle
This is my spinning wheel. I thought I wanted the Schacht Reeves saxony style wheel but several people told me it was not the type of wheel I was looking for.  What did I want?  Something versatile, attractive, double treadle for sure and that's where my list ended.  I am not a great spinner.  I have only been spinning sporadically for 5 years and, until last year, was more comfortable with a drop spindle than a spinning wheel.

The Schacht Sidekick changed that.  A close friend bought one and let me use it often.  I spun 500 yards of merino yarn on it and I was hooked.  But I wanted something different from what she owned.  So, I continued to read, research and talk to experienced spinners.
Sidekick protable wheel

It was soon obvious that the cherry Matchless was it.  One problem.  Schacht made a limited number of cherry Matchless wheels in June 2009  and it was almost impossible to find a new one. A friend who happens to be a Schacht dealer (Schacht sells it's products through its dealers and you can find one  HERE).  Fortunately, my friend had one cherry Matchless unclaimed and I bought it.

The story doesn't end there.  I love this wheel.  I believe it's name truly describes the wheel, it is matchless.  And now, for a limited time, Schacht is offering its cherry Matchless spinning wheel.  I only have 2 available and you have until April 15th to claim yours with a $750 deposit.  Let's talk about the special features on this amazing wheel.

The Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel offers double drive and bobbin lead (Scotch tension) modes of operation. Wheels come with two flyer whorls (medium and fast); four additional flyer whorls(purchased separately) offer spinning ratios from 4:1 to 22:1. This limited series cherry Matchless will have a special marking (soon to be announced).  This mark will distinguish the cherry Matchless from previous versions.  Also included with each wheel are 4 bobbins, a  threading hook, a cherry Lazy Kate and a carrying strap. 

The 19 1/2" drive wheel and flyer shaft are supported by self-aligning bronze bearings for precise action. Each flyer is individually balanced and the bobbins and flyer whorls are trued on center for long and superior service. The wheels I am offering are double treadle and I have also ordered the stroller for both wheels which makes it very easy to take your wheel with you.  More details on the wheel can be found on the Schacht Spindle Co. website. All Schacht products are manufactured in the US and are shipped from Colorado.

Once I tried the Schacht cherry Matchless, I knew it was the wheel for me.  If you want to give it a spin, contact me at and we can arrange a time for you to stop by my studio.  I am available 3 days a week unless there is a class in session.  The studio is located near Washington, DC, about 30 miles from Frederick, MD and 15 miles from Leesburg, VA.  You can try the Matchless, a Sidekick and various looms.

Happy Spring and happy spinning!

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