Friday, June 27, 2014

Stormageddon and Dark Shadows All Done

Stormageddon middle marker

I enjoy taking of video of the wraps coming off the loom when they are done.  Here is the most recent custom wrap and a sister as they exit the loom.
As I say in the video, this has become tradition for me.  The weaving is done, the loom is empty.  Now, on to the finishing touches.

Happy weaving!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Got my roller skates on now!

Dark Shadows is the current baby wrap on the loom.  I haven't left time in my day for writing our blog and it's been quite a while.  I try to weave as much as possible and finished weaving Stormageddon
over a week ago and moved right into Dark Shadows, the sister wrap on the same warp.

I had a brief set back and spent 3 days recuperating from a spasm in my lower back.  My physical therapist, Jo, is a fabulous practitioner and got me back on my feet quickly.  Thanks must go primarily to Janet and David for forcing me to remain on the couch or in bed early so I could heal.

Janet has completed the mock up for our next custom wrap and sister.  We don't have a name yet and are open to suggestions.  Here is a picture of the mock up for the warp:
It's showing up darker on my computer screen than it is in real life.  It's several colors warped randomly with 4 basic background colors.  It's been a challenge and we purchased a creel to assist with the warp winding.
Here is a picture of the creel or cone holder we purchased from Fiber Artist's Suplly Co, LLC