Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby blanket # uno DONE and received

Here is the note I received. It makes me feel good she likes it, that was my goal.

"Oh my, Claudia!

The blanket is just GORGEOUS! It's truly a work of art and oh-so-soft. I love the color and the different textures. It's one of the most spectacular things we've gotten for the baby. Thank you so much for taking the time to make it and design such a lovely piece. We are going to to treasure it forever.

Thank you so much! I'm just beside myself."

My hand may be hurting but my heart sings.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FS: 45" 8H Herald loom
Available for pickup inMD (20842) $1200.

45" wide, made of ash , 8 harness, jack loom 10 treadles.
5 reeds (5, 6, 8,12, 15)
bench with storage below the seat and on the sides ,38" x11", 24 1/2" high (1 1/2"removable) , seat 24" x11".,
1 double beam assembly
extra flat metal heddles and steel wires to connect the treadles to the lifting mechanism
Threading hook,
Original loom manual.
foot print 46"x 54 1/2 ", 37 high, back beam folds back to 40"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who cares?

I have been working 10-12 hours almost every day on Weavolution. I am so tired I could cry. My right hand is killing me, I have surgery Tuesday and won't have any use of my right hand for 2 weeks. My back is screaming from sitting at the computer so much and I just got told off via email by a friend of one of my partner's. Don't we all get to be boneheads once in a while. I realize she and her husband can't see my side of it. He told me off via email. I wrote back a terse response and now she is pissed too. Great. So, no one really cares about any of this s**t except me. (sorry, I am usually a G rated person but this one got under my very thin, tired skin). I shouldn't give anyone the power to upset me like this. We have over 300 fans of Weavolution on our Yahoo group, that should be good enough. My problem is I try too hard sometimes. And now I've allowed this person to bring me to tears. Of all the people to offend. I had to find the one donor who is friends with one of my partners and who believes I am a mean, nasty bonehead.

Besides having my right hand in a brace, I am relying on my left hand more and 3 fingers have started triggering again. So both hands are killing me. Now, it's all poured out. I feel better. I'm leaving the computer on and going to weave. It's too late, I screwed up and I can't undo it. What I will take away from this is to examine my thoughts and feelings about someone who may have offended me in the past and make certain I forgive them. I don't think there is anyone like that in my life but I will give it some thought. Have we all forgotten about forgiveness? Where did it go? And, I don't believe there is anyone reading this anyway so it's all an exercise in diary writing. It's true, nobody really cares about any of this but me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby blanket

Well, today I made some real progress on the 2 baby blankets I have been working on. I have threaded my 8 hsaft loom, formally known as Ethel, and did some tests of weft, found some threading problems (what do you expect from a blind girl), and got going at last. I am posting pictures here. I'm working on layout, having figured it all out yet.

It's a simple twill with stripes of plain weave in between.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Kromski Harp ready to weave!!

Okay, my Christmas present was a brand new Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom. I'm smiling just writing about it. I am not really in the mood to write. Here are the facts: I measured a warp for 3 cotton napkins plus 10 extra inches for a sample. Tried 3 different yarns on the sample, cut it off, washed and dried it. Now, I'm ready to weave. The pictures tell the story.