Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Classes available online SOON!

Here's a beautiful example of pebble weave woven on a backstrap loom by a friend.  I love the vibrant colors and the complex design.

In our busy world, we often find it difficult to add one more thing.  Taking an entire Saturday to learn to weave for three weeks in a row seems like a very big indulgence for most of us.  Saturdays usually represent errands, grocery shopping, catching up on the mail, bills, kids soccer/track/lacrosse games, etc.  And, if the weather permits, there is always work to be done in the yard.

To better meet the needs of our busy world, I am going to be offering online, LIVE, in person weaving classes in the evenings and on Saturday and Sunday.  This option allows you to stay home, take care of your chores and enjoy a couple of hours a week to learn a new craft.

What will you need to take a class online?  First, a microphone and speakers (built in to most computers manufactured in the past 5 years) and a webcam.  I purchased a webcam that sits on top of my computer screen.
I use the earphones and microphone that came with my iPhone for speakers and a mic.  It works very well and many have commented that the reception is very good.  Most cell phones come with earphones and a mic on them.  Check out the accessories in your box or check your computer.  You may be surprised to find you have a built-in microphone, speakers and webcam!

So, on to the classes.  I am still formulating the lesson plan.  One thing is clear, you will need to have a rigid heddle loom.  If you live near my Poolesville, MD studio, you are welcome to come over and borrow one for the class.  If not, I can assist you in choosing one to purchase.  Some local fiber arts guilds have looms to rent.  That's a good place to start.  What's a fiber arts guild?  Weavolution has a list by state and country of local guilds that help people with an interest in a specific fiber art (spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, etc,) to communicate with each other and develop their skills.

I will be offering classes on rigid heddle weaving.  All levels and topics will be available and most will be taught by appointment so you can base it on your schedule.  Classes will be 2-3 hours long and will take place online via video conferencing.  More details available soon.  Stay tuned and feel free to leave comments.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Upcoming Classes!!

I am planning two Weave On Start Weaving classes.  The first group will start on Saturday, April 14th.  We will meet on three consecutive Saturdays, April 14, 21 and 28, from 10am to 3pm.  You will weave 3 projects including a scarf or table runner for your final project.  This is a basic weaving class taught using rigid heddle looms like the one in this photo on the right.

A second set of classes will begin on Saturday, July 14th and run for three consecutive weeks, July 14, 21 and 28.  This class will cover both basic and more advanced skills.  We will focus on color and weave, pickup and planning your project.  This class is open to beginners and intermediate students.

Both classes are limited to 4 students.  We will explore weaving language, parts of the loom, and weaving fabric for household items and clothing.  The small class size allows you to move at your own pace.  Working in a small group enhances the learning process and gives you more personalized attention.

Classes take place in my Poolesville home studio.  We take a lunch break each day and water and snacks are always available.  Classes fill quickly and I encourage you to contact me at weaveonstudio@me.com to register or if you have questions.  Also feel free to post any questions following this blog post.

As for my own weaving, I have projects going on three looms and they are all in different stages of completion.  I am threading my Schacht 4 shaft table loom to take with me to a class at the end of the month.  What class does the weaving teacher take?  Color and Weave with Su Butler.  Su is a well known weaving teacher who wrote a very good book about weaving with rayon chenille.  You can purchase her book on her website HERE.

I continue to work on finishing the two rugs I am weaving using Pendleton selvedges I purchased several years ago.  I love the way the colors are turning out.  
In addition, I am winding a warp to sample several overshot patterns on a set of placemats.  I have included sufficient yardage to do some sampling for color and design before I start weaving the placemats.

I almost forgot the Schacht Flip I use every night to complete a table runner.  Here is a photo of me threading the heddle to beam this warp.  The table runner should be done soon and I will post photos next week of the completed table runner.  I am loving weaving on the Flip and so glad I bought one.  

Interested in a new Schacht loom, spinning wheel or accessories?  I am now a Schacht dealer!  Check out all the Schacht looms, wheels and accessories HERE and feel free to contact me with your Schacht needs.  My prices are excellent.  
Happy Weaving!! (and knitting, crocheting and spinning).  Next time: my spinning adventures on our new Schacht Sidekick.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Destination Poolesville (Maryland)

Destination Poolesville is a local event sponsored by the Poolesville (MD) Chamber of Commerce to highlight local businesses.  I will be there with Weave On Studio and Lotsaknots on Saturday, March 10 from 10am to 2pm.  Stop by and try using a drop spindle, a loom or some knitting needles.  Sign up for a class and buy a hand made scarf or two!  Over 30 vendors will be there to showcase their products and services.

Saturday was the last class for my current group of rigid heddle students.  I demonstrated indirect warping and we enjoyed sharing the completed projects.  Everyone seems to have enjoyed the Cricket loom and learning to weave.  Joyce has rented a loom for the next month and Claudia and Jackie are looking forward to trying out the 15" Cricket when it arrives in early April.

Jackie wove a small rug using cotton warp and blue jeans for weft.  It's a bit difficult to see the jeans but they're there.  The warp is yarn she purchased at the annual Guild yarn sale.
Rugs are a bit difficult to weave on a rigid heddle loom since the heddle doesn't give you the opportunity to beat the weft in very firmly.  It was great she gave it a try because she learned a lot about the loom and her materials.  Since I am currently weaving a rug with Pendleton selvedges for weft, this gave us a chance to talk about floor looms and rug weaving.  In addition, I demonstrated how to weave on my Glimakra Standard.
Joyce started this scarf in class last week.  The warp is 3/2 cotton sett at 8 ends/inch and the weft is a thick and thin rayon in turquoise, white and black.  The finished scarf has beautiful drape and the color is wonderful on her.
At the right is a close up of the scarf.  I apologize if it's a bit blurry.  I wanted to show off the colors.

Jackie made a wool and rayon shawl that looked lovely on her!  The blue warp is very light and soft and the chenille weft gave the shawl a little body and maintain the beautiful hand that only chenille and wool provide.  She did a lovely job weaving and finishing the shawl.

Class this week should be titled BLUE because everyone did their project in a shade of blue.  Claudia did blue stripes on a blue striped warp.  She measured and counted very carefully to have the scarf come out in a tartan looking plaid.  Kudos to her for such fine work.  

Well, I have lots to do to prepare for Destination Poolesville.  Hope to see you there.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Destination Poolesville

On Saturday, March 10th I am participating in a local program to introduce businesses in our area.  You can find me at Destination Poolesville from 10am to 3pm.  I will have 2 looms warped up and ready for you to try weaving.  I will also have several of our Lotsaknots scarves for sale.  If you live in Maryland, come check it out.
Here's a loom ready for weaving.
And, here are a couple of pictures of the wool/mohair scarves we will have with us.  Hope to see you there.

Plus, I just learned that I am now a Schacht dealer.  If you are interested in seeing some of the looms and the Sidekick spinning wheel, please contact me at weaveonstudio@me.com and we can set a time for you to try out the looms or the spinning wheel.  Schacht Spindle website shows all the products available.  I have ordered a 15" Cricket and expect to have it in the studio by early April.