Friday, August 31, 2012

My busy looms are empty

I have 4 looms that are usually all busy in one stage of a project but things are very quiet at the moment.  I completed a commission for a scarf on my 15" Flip, the sample on my Cricket reached the end and I warped it but haven't started weaving yet, I am threading overshot placemats  on my Julia countermarche and nothing on the big Glimakra yet.  I feel as though my weaving has taken the end of summer off.  I'm sure you sense my mood in this post.

So, what has sucked up my time?  First, I have been busy winding warps for the weaving kits we sell HERE in our Etsy shop.  I have also been spinning and getting to know my new Schacht cherry Matchless wheel.  And, finally, I have been busy selling some of my looms.

My goal for our Etsy shop is to have at least a dozen kits available at all times.  I had to take a short break after 6 (there are five in the shop and a 6th one ready to add).  I've been having pain and swelling in my right knee and it's flared up so it may have to wait another week.

I am getting acquainted with my cherry Matchless.  I love the wheel ad it has several different features from the Sidekick which we have owned since last November.  One of the first projects I finished was this bright pink wool/silk which I am using to make a lace scarf for my daughter in law.  I have the pattern and once I am done knitting the hat I have in progress, I'll start her scarf.  She is not likely to want it for a few months.  She has another 5 months of her deployment to Afghanistan as a Captain in the US Army.  I can be calm about it right now, she and my son are on R&R for a few more days.

Have a great holiday weekend.  Look for me at the Nationals game Saturday afternoon.  GO NATS!!  I'll be wearing my Strasburg t-shirt and my curly W hat.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lotsaknots Fall Classes

Take a class.  Have fun.  Expand your mind and your personal fiber toolkit.
With all the choices available it's hard to know what to take.  I have enjoyed reading blogs and websites  advertising upcoming class schedules and there is a lot to choose from.
What makes Lotsaknots different?

  • Classes are available BOTH in studio and LIVE, online
  • Scheduling is flexible.  We work with your schedule to meet your needs.
  • We offer knitting, crochet and weaving.
  • Classes are available for beginner to advanced in knitting and crochet.
  • We are among the few studios to offer rigid heddle weaving.
Knitting classes are available day, evening and weekend.  Classes are private, 1:1 in our Poolesville studio or online via video conferencing.  All classes are a minimum of 2 hours.  Cost: $18/hour.
Bring a project you want to finish or we will provide knitting needles and yarn and you provide the time.  Beginner to expert level classes.  

Crochet classes are available day, evening and weekend.  Classes are private, 1:1 in our Poolesville studio or online via video conference.  All classes are a minimum of 2 hours.  Cost:  $18/hour.  Beginner to expert level available.  

Rigid heddle weaving is the fastest growing area of weaving.  
Warp and weave on a rigid heddle loom

  • 3 classes  Sept 29, Oct 6 and 13
  • Class time:  9am to 3pm
  • Total students:  3
  • All materials provided including yarn, looms and written, detailed instructions
  • Cost:  $150.

Questions? Sign up?  Contact Claudia  
For additional details on video conference refer to the Lotsaknots Fiber Geek.