Thursday, March 7, 2013

Classes and more

Many new classes are now available at Lotsaknots Studio.  We have developed a new format and most classes are taught 1:1.  This gives the student the benefit of being able to learn more in a shorter time since there are fewer distractions.  

We have added Rigid Heddle Weaving: Using Pick up to create texture.  This class covers the proper use of one or more pick up sticks to create warp and weft floats or both in your project.  We will work on a sample piece and each student will learn how to incorporate the use of pick up sticks in everyday items such as placemats, table runners and towels.  
Another new class is Weaving Fabric on your rigid heddle loom.  This is a class for the advanced beginner or intermediate student who is interested in learning more about various uses of the fabric you can create with your rigid heddle loom.  We will discuss how to plan a project for the right length to create a vest, top or jacket.  You will need basic sewing skills.

In addition, we have created a new kit which will be appearing soon in our Etsy shop, Lotsaknots.  This kit is designed for use with 2 pick up sticks and can be used to make 2 placemats or a table runner.  It can be purchased with matching warp and weft or with a contrasting weft color.  Here is the finished  product with matching warp and weft:  
In this view you can see  the warp floats.  This is similar to the techniques being taught in the Pick up class mentioned above.  This kit will be priced at $25 for 2 placemats and $40 for 4.  

More new kits will be arriving soon.  All kits are designed to be woven on either a rigid heddle loom or a floor loom.  Each description gives details about the width of the loom and size of heddle or reed required to complete the project.

Happy weaving!!

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