Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's gone Home to Oregon

Home to Oregon baby wrap

Done and gone home to Oregon.  This was a lovely wrap to work with.  I enjoyed looking at the colors and imagining the landscape they represent.  The blessing threads (center markers) were less of a challenge than I expected.  They are supplemental weft thread, inserted at the center point to enable the baby wrap wearer to feel for and easily identify the middle of the wrap.
blessing threads (middle of wrap)

The final wrap is 6.2 meters long.  The longest wrap I have ever woven!  The measurements were taken twice following washing the wrap in lukewarm water, spinning the water out in the washer (on low) and letting it dry on the clothesline.  We ironed it carefully on both sides and corrected 2 small treading errors.  Then, off it went to it's home in Oregon.

It's difficult to see the true colors considering every monitor is different.  Our client commented that the colors were more intense and much more pleasing in person.  We did our best to match her poem, Anniversary Poem: Home to Oregon.  A first for us and our client.

The next several projects include a set of shadow weave napkins for our household.  They had an auspicious start when I discovered a 100 thread error in the sample.  I had to untie the sample from the apron rod and one-by-one remove and rethread each end.  A tedious and time consuming job.  Now complete, the napkins are moving along quickly on my brand new 16 shaft Toika Eeva computer assisted loom.  My first "real" project on my new loom.  It's fun and more challenging than I expected.

In addition, I am working on a new weaving kit to sell in our Etsy shop.  It's a scarf kit constructed of 5/2 cotton warp and sock yarn weft.  We currently offer a kit with a pre-wound warp that can be used on a rigid heddle loom or a floor loom.  The scarf loom will be different yarn and will include a pre-wound warp and sufficient weft for a machine washable, longish scarf with fringe.  All kits include printed, detailed instructions and come with a year of email support.

As Garrison Keillor is known to say, "Be well, do good work and keep in touch".