Friday, March 6, 2015

The Weaving is Over

Gramma's Garden
The weaving is complete for the two baby wraps of Gramma's Garden.  The top half of the photo above shows the wrap with the purple wool/tencel weft and the bottom is the red wool/tencel weft.  This was the first time I have used wool/tencel in a baby wrap and it feels lovely.  The wraps are soft and have a beautiful drape even before wet finishing.

Each wrap will now be thoroughly examined for small skips and weaving errors which will be corrected by hand.  The ends will be hemmed and the wraps be hand washed. I wrote about the finishing process a.  few weeks ago.  I posted about my experiments in finishing the samples for these wraps.  The best result was hand wash, air dry and iron with a hot steam iron.  I am planning on hand washing each wrap separately in lukecool water in the bathtub and hanging it to air dry.

It feels good to have the weaving done.
I've included a short video of the wraps being cut off the loom followed by some more pictures of the removal process.  I love seeing the large pile of fabric when the wraps come off the loom.  You can see the twill section that is our trademark hem.  It only appears on the inside of the wrap and it;s a small touch we add to all our wraps.