Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weaving Along

Currently on the loom, Tropical Breezes baby wrap!

Here are a couple of close up photos of the wrap in progress:

July was a very busy month!  We had a nice vacation in New England and I bought a new loom!  It arrives the end of September and has 16 shafts!  This will be quite a learning curve.  It is also a computer controlled loom and I will be using Weave Point software to create drafts and control the loom.
The computer controlled part is that the computer tells the loom which shafts to raise and lower for each pick as I weave.  I create the drafts and still warp and thread the loom like any other 16 shaft loom.  Here's a picture of the Toika Eeva computer controlled loom

Now, it's time to return to weaving on my lovely 4 shaft Glimakra Standard.
More news soon and in the meantime, happy weaving.