Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What's new on the loom

I just finished warping and threading my 10" Cricket loom for a project I am very excited about.  It's another scarf but it's a sample for a vest I'm hoping to weave next.  I love doing different things on my rigid heddle loom.  It's small, lightweight and portable and there is so much weaving you can do on it.  Many weavers who have spent years mastering the craft do not approve of rigid heddle looms.  I have heard some refer to them as child's looms or toys.  Believe me, this is no toy and not easy to master.  Plus, there is tons you can weave on it.

My Cricket loom has only 2 shafts which limits you to plain weave.  Why is it called plain weave?  Is it the simplest weave structure? No, not by a long stretch.  It's plain weave because it is the most basic and it's where weaving begins.  Plain weave is not an easy structure to master.  It is very challenging to weave for 70 or 80" and have the distance between warp threads match EXACTLY the distance between weft threads.  In other words, if the warp is sett at 8 ends or threads per inch you must place/weave the weft or perpendicular threads at the same ratio, 8 picks or threads in each inch.  Not an easy task and one that requires measuring frequently to be certain you have passed the shuttle and pressed the threads into place exactly the same each time.  Something to strive for but not easy to maintain for the 72" of weaving when making a scarf.

So, it's off to complete the placemats on Julia.  Two are done and two to go,  We just added a new show to the line up so it's weave, weave, weave and knit for the next 2 months!!