Thursday, April 4, 2013

A variety of projects in one kit

We have an Etsy shop where we sell weaving kits.  Included in each kit is a pre-wound warp and weft wound onto bobbins ready for a boat shuttle (or wind the yarn onto stick shuttles for use with a rigid heddle loom).  The warp in each kit is long and wide enough to produce 2 towels, or a table runner, or 2 placemats or a market bag.

A warp is an empty page.  You have color, width and length.  What you do from there is up to you.  When we designed these pre-wound warps for sale in our Etsy shop, we envisioned towels.
Striped towels from weaving kit
The printed instructions that come with the kit include all the information needed to weave 2 towels.  You can use a table loom, rigid heddle loom or a floor loom.  These towels could also double as placemats.  They are wide enough, long enough and the fringe can either be tied or you can sew a hemstitch at each end while the towels are still on the loom.  Again, the instructions include information to do either.

You may choose to weave the entire length of the warp and you will have a lovely table runner.
Table runner made using weaving kit

Imagine using the woven length of the warp as woven for the table runner, and fold it in half, sew a seam on both sides, add handles and you have a bag.  You can add a tuck on the bottom to create the perfect reusable market or grocery bag.  The cotton warp is strong, durable and washable!  Great properties in any bag.  Plus, it's lightweight so you can fold it up and carry it in your handbag.

We create new kits weekly so stop by our shop often and check it out.  We also sell hand knit and hand woven items that we have made in the past year.  We currently have 2 ponchos which are a signature item for Lotsaknots.  We started creating the poncho in 2004 and have knit dozens.  The poncho showcases 11 different yarns and usually includes wool as the main yarn.  These ponchos are warm, fit most and are great for changing seasons.  Easy to slip over your head, easy to wear while driving, walking, shopping, strolling through town.

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