Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dreamland Centered

Today was an exciting day as I reached the center of Dreamland, the wrap that is currently on the loom.  It always seems like the first half goes slower than the second half, especially the first wrap of the warp.  This warp has 2 wraps on it.  The first wrap is for our client who provided the picture that Janet used to create the warp.

Janet has this amazing ability to translate photos into warps.  I love what she has done with this one.  It captures the colors and the feel of Dreamland.  She saw this as a dreamscape and named the wrap Dreamland based on that.

I have a video of the middle marker for Dreamland.  The client chose to have a weft change as the middle marker.  It's more subtle than I expiated.  The colors in the video are more intense than in person.  
Have a great weekend.  I'll be back next week with finished wraps.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Technical difficulty delay

We wished a fond farewell to Haleakala and Awakea.  They are both off to new homes far, far away.  One is taking a long trip to Alaska via Ohio and Michigan.  I encourage everyone to keep their address on their Paypal account current.  It helps businesses, like ours, to send your purchases to the correct address.

The sample is completed for Dreamland which is the next wrap on the loom.  It will have one sister wrap.  After completing the sample weft for the client to choose her favorite and decide on a middle marker, we ran into several problems.  The most difficult issue was the front apron bar which had
gotten caught in its own strings which run over the knee beam and attach to the cloth beam on the front.  This caused all sorts of tension problems and the 2 feet that had been completed were removed, the apron rod was attached more effectively and weaving has begun again today.

We hope to make good progress now that all technical difficulties are repaired.  We lost a few inches of warp which means the sister wrap will be 3.3 or 3.2 meters in length.  We'll do a hand embroidered middle marker on the sister wrap.

I'll keep you posted on progress.  I get wrapped up in weaving and don't get to the computer to post very often.

Happy weaving!