Thursday, March 27, 2014

One ends and another begins

Hale akala and Awakea are all done and I am currently working on Dreamland, the next custom baby wrap.  Here is the inspiration photo for Dreamland.
And, the mock up for the wrap
Finally, here is a collage from beaming the warp onto the loom and getting ready to thread it.
I couldn't resist taking a video as I removed Hale akala and Awakea from the loom so here it is:

Monday, March 17, 2014

Awakea (morning) middle marker

I finished weaving Haleakawa and am halfway through the sister wrap, Awakea (Hawaiian for morning).  I hope you enjoy this video of the middle markers.

Janet is busy winding the warp for the next wrap, Dreamland.  Here is a photo of the mock up she completed.

The next video will be Dreamland being beamed onto the loom.  I'm looking forward to being snowed in on Monday so I can get more weaving done.   Planning on finishing Awakea and hemming and wet finishing (washing) both wraps.  

A hui hou kakou - until we meet again.

Monday, March 10, 2014

And the weaving goes on and on, oh oh oh...

This was the view at sunrise.  Perhaps it will be a baby wrap one day.  For now, it's inspiration to get dressed and go walk.
On To baby wraps.  Here is my Glimakra Standard warped up and working hard to complete Hale Akala, the wrap inspired by an Hawaiian Sunrise and an African painting depicting the Masai at the beach.  You can see both photos in my previous blog post.  
 I have moved beyond the center and wanted to share the middle marker since it's a bit unique.  The idea for this tactile center marking came from the mama who will be receiving this wrap.
 I did a short video so you can see it more clearly.  I have a few important comments to make following the very brief video.
After removing the middle markers and trying once more to place the supplemental weft for the middle marker, I realized that the effect I am hoping for is best done by needle weaving over the weft at the center of the wrap once it is off the loom.  The weaving has continued and the middle marker will be added later.  

Coming soon.....