Sunday, May 25, 2014

Handwoven baby wrap

For those of you who follow our blog, here's a preview of Dream Time as listed for sale in our Etsy shop.

It's now available in our Etsy shop HERE.  

And a few more pics.  

This last pic shows the hand embroidered middle marker.  It's visible and tactile.  It's easy to find when you are wrapping your child.  And, it's easy to ignore if you are wrapping in a way that does not require the middle marker.

More news coming on the next custom wrap, Stormageddon and it's sister, Dark Shadows.

Be well and enjoy Spring!

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Dream is Over

The warp has now been woven into web which, when wet finished, will be 2 baby wraps.  Dreamland is a custom wrap designed by Janet and based on this photo.
Dreamland wrap inspiration
We wound a warp long enough to weave 2 wraps and they are now off the loom.  Here's a brief video showing the wraps coming off.
The finishing phase has begun.  The hems have been sewn on both wraps and Janet is examining them very carefully for any errors that can be repaired.  Once she completes the repairs, the wraps will be measured and wet finished in the washing machine and dried in the dryer.  We will give them a hard press, measure them and post the sister wrap for sale in our Etsy store once the custom wrap has been sent to our client.

The next warp is wound and I will take photos while I prepare it for beaming on the loom.  
One warp ends and another begins,  On to Stormagedden!