Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Knitting matters

I love to knit.  I was hoping to post my latest creation along with a FREE PATTERN.  It's almost done but not quite so I decided to post it anyway.  One more night of Olympics and I'll be finished but I was determined to post today.  So, without further ado,

Mint green shawl

It's a really easy pattern.  I used Shine by Knitting Fever (There are several yarns named shine and manufactured by different companies).  It's actually not being made so you may have trouble finding the 5-6 skeins required to complete the shawl.  I'll post the pattern at the end.

I also love to teach knitting and had a unique experience today.  A student I have been working with for several months is making a sample gansey from Beth Brown-Reinsel's book, Knitting Ganseys (on Amazon here) and we reached a critical point last week just as lesson time ended.  We both wanted to continue so we met online today.  It worked out really well.  She has now gotten past the critical shoulder join and is able to continue on her own until we meet again in person in 2 weeks.  Meanwhile, we now have a new tool in our knitting toolbox; video web conference or knitting online.  The picture was clear enough for me to see the stitch definition and the sound was also very good. 

Here's the shawl pattern:
Cast on 5 sts.
K one row.
Increase as follows:
Row 1:  k3, yo, knit to end.
Shawl fabric close-up
Row 2:  Sl, knit to end.
Repeat row 1 & 2 until you have 100 sts or are half the size you want for the shawl.
Shape center:
Row 1:  K3, yo, k2tog, knit to end
Row 2:  Sl 1, k to end.
Repeat these 2 rows 3 or 4 times.
Begin decrease:
Row 1:  K2, k2tog, yo, k2to, k to end.
Row 2:  Sl 1, k to end.
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 5 sts left.
Bind off.

Happy knitting!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Lotsaknots Fiber Geek

It’s about fiber and knitting, crochet and weaving.  It’s about connecting people, you and me, in an easier way and helping you conquer the fiber obstacle you are facing.
Have you reached a point in that sweater pattern where you feel lost?  You know something is amiss but you cannot tell what.  We can work together and figure it out.  You can join me in my studio and we can sit side by side by using our computers to bridge the miles.  You in your home and me in mine.
Video conferencing has been around for a long time and it’s reached the point where most computers have cameras and a microphone.  That’s all you need.  No software to buy or install.  Nothing special to do.  I send you an email, you click on the link and follow the instructions to allow your camera and mic to turn on.  That’s all there is.
And, one more thing.  We will record it so you can refer back to the session whenever you want.
 The recording is available 24/7. 

I am the Lotsaknots Fiber Geek.  I have been enjoying the benefits of video conferencing for many years. With the convenience of Skype, Gmail talk, Webex and other similar programs I have kept in touch with family and friends from around the world.  I have enjoyed meeting people from New Zealand to Belgium and from several miles west of my home.  
I have decided to put together my comfort with video conferencing and my ability to teach knitting, weaving and crochet and create the Fiber Geek Program.  
It's a one-on-one, private session to learn techniques, conquer problems and take on new tasks with the help of an experienced teacher.  I have been knitting for over 50 years and I have explored many advanced techniques and patterns.  The cost is $40 for a 2 hour session.  Payment through Paypal only.
I have been teaching others to knit for over 25 years,  I have been crocheting for equally as long and actually started teaching crochet over 30 years ago.  
I have been teaching Rigid Heddle Weaving for several years in my home studio.  Many of my students have advanced beyond the rigid heddle loom to 4 and 8 shaft looms and advanced classes.  
Have questions or want a test drive? Contact me at: lotsaknots@msn.com.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing Lotsaknots Studio

Welcome to the new Lotsaknots studio.  Yes, it used to be Weave On Studio and over the past few months I realized that I teach more than weaving.  I teach knitting, crocheting and spinning, too.  I am also a Schacht dealer and that is still listed as Weave On Studio for a little longer.  I carry Schacht spinning and weaving products including the Flip loom in 15” and 20”, the Sidekick spinning wheel and I will soon have a Matchless spinning wheel for you to test in the studio.  In addition, I have several Cricket looms in both the 10” and 15”.  The looms are available to rent on a monthly basis.  
Weaving classes are currently scheduled for Saturday, July 14, 21 and 28 from 10am to 3pm.  You will learn:
  •   how to weave
  •   how to plan a project
  •   how to warp the loom using direct warping method
I provide the looms, shuttles, yarn and written instructions.
If you are interested in registering for class, please contact me at:  lotsaknots@msn.com
Knitting classes are all private two-hour sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.  All classes are for adults, over 18 years old, only.
Contact:  lotsaknots@msn.com

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Farmer's Market in Poolesville, MD

Check it out.  Farmer's Market July 13 and 27.  Look for Weave On Studio/Lotsaknots.  We are merging into one company.  Lotsaknots is the selling part and Weave On Studio is for teaching.  We will be selling our products at the Farmer's Market and our new website will be up by the end of this week.  I love Friday the 13th.  I believe it's a lucky day so I have several plans for new ventures on Friday, July 13th.

You can find information about classes on this blog and on the Lotsaknots/Weave On Studio website soon.

See these looms?  That's what we use in class and they are lots of fun to use and to learn to weave.
Classes start on Saturday, July 14th and continue on July 21 and 28th.  You will learn to weave on this loom, warp or dress the loom and figure out how to make a scarf, bag, table runner, anything you like.  I supply the looms, shuttles, yarn and written instructions.  You supply the curiosity and interest in learning to weave.  Give it a try!!

Questions?  Leave a comment here or write to Claudia at weaveonstudio@me.com  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summertime Classes!!

The month of June has always seemed like a month of transition. Summer begins. School ends for the year. The days seem longer and the pace is slower. I always look forward to July. First, it's truly summer which means time to play. Second, it's the month before my birthday an d I can allow myself to daydream about an upcoming day of decadence on mny birthday in early August.

Now, July means a new series of Learning to Weave on a Rigid Heddle loom. This is a class for people who know how to weave and those who do not. It covers the differences between rigid heddle weaving and floor loom weaving. It also covers all the weaving basics. I provide the looms, the yarn and detailed written instructions. You provide an interest in learnning to weave on a rigid heddle loom like this one.

Please contact me at weaveonstudio@me.com to register for class. Registration is limited to 3 students. I do not teach anyone under the age of 18. We will meet on July 14, 21 and 28 from 10am to 3pm each day. You will take the looms home with you and have homework after each calss. Please bring a bag lunch and we will take a short break mid-day to eat and chat.

I am working on a new scarf on my Cricket loom just like the one pictured in the above picture.  I will post all about it and the sample I just finished in my next blog.  I'll also offer some tips about weaving with knitting yarns on a rigid heddle loom.

Happy weaving,