Sunday, August 25, 2013

And the beat goes on

The studio has been buzzing with many changes and lots of news.  Our Etsy shop has been flooded with unusual requests lately.  It started with a request for a baby wrap, a shawl warp (on the warping reel on the left), more baby wraps, baby warps and it's been fun sorting it all out.

My children (who are now in their 30s) all spent part of their infancy in packs and wraps of various sorts.  The goal was to be able to have hands free and offer comfort.  I often used one to get housework done when the boys were infants.  They both found vacuuming noise very soothing and fell quickly asleep in the pack/wrap I borrowed from a friend.  Baby backpacks were common in the 80s and wraps were rare.

It seems that wraps are very "in" right now and hand woven ones are considered the best.
 I'm thrilled.  I love weaving long pieces that enable me to thread and warp the loom once for a long project.  I was very excited when we received a request for a baby wrap and very surprised when i discovered how many weavers are making them.  Many of my contemporaries have changed the focus of their business to producing nothing but wraps.  One friend has a waiting list from now until Summer 2014!

I'm studying all the ins and outs of this new field of weaving while I work on my first wrap.  I'll keep you posted as we progress.  Threading the loom starts tomorrow.