Monday, June 22, 2015

Next wrap- Under Construction

Heart in Uganda warp on the back beam

We have a new adventure in the wrap that is currently on the loom.  Janet designed the wrap, with our client, based on a poem written by the client.  The poem is titled "Home to Oregon" and it recounts the author's experience of returning to the Oregon coast after living in Uganda.  You can read the poem here:

While working on threading the wrap, I spent a couple of hours knitting a baby gift for friends. I think the result rates a very high "awww" factor:

And, as hostess gifts for family I recently visited out west, I knit and felted a few bowls.  These were perfect car knitting because it didn't require close attention. 

The pattern for the bowls was created by Cat Bordhi and appears in her 2nd book, A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting.  There are all sorts of fascinating things to knit in this book. The bowls were well received by all including Mom, my nephew and my older brother.  Lots of family out west.

 I cannot resist one more family photo from my trip to California.  While visiting my aunt, I suggested my brother take a photo of her with me and I could, in return, snap one of the two of them.  My Aunt, however, had a much better suggestion.  "How about a selfie with all 3 of us".  Thanks for everything Aunt Arline, especially your cool idea.