Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's a threesome!

In my last post, I removed three baby wraps from the loom.  It took a couple of weeks to complete the repairs, sew the hems, wet finish, iron and repair again all three baby wraps.  Two wraps were 3.7 meters long and one was 3.4 meters.  We go over each one very carefully, several times to be sure we find and repair all weft skips or weft threads that erred in the path from one side of the wrap to the other.  It's tedious, time consuming work.  But our wraps do not leave here until they are as perfect as possible.

Well, the Sedona/Solace triplets were boxed and sent to their homes yesterday.  Here is a short video of one of the completed wraps.

In addition, we entered a Facebook Competition of Weavers where everyone wove a wrap inspired by the Wizard of Oz movie.  We chose to make a fibonacci sequence representing Dorothy's trip along the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City.  Janet wound the warp while I was busy weaving the previous 3 wraps.  We beamed Yellow Brick Road and I finished weaving the day before the wrap was due.  Thirty three people entered the competition in the fall and we were 1 of 11 who completed their wrap in time for the anonymous judging on the Loom to Wrap page on Facebook.

Here's the completed Follow the Yellow Brick Road:

 We've been pretty busy and now the loom is prepared with the sister wrap to Yellow Brick Road and Janet is winding the next custom wrap.  I'll be posting about that one as it goes on the loom.''We have a new system for beaming the warp and it's working much better.  Ten years of weaving and I'm still learning!!

Friday, January 3, 2014

They are done!

It's an exciting day in the Lotsaknots Studio as I removed the baby wraps that once were warp strings on my loom.
  Here is the mock up for the warp called Sedona.  The first wrap was named Solace by the mama who ordered it.  All the wraps on this warp were inspired by a painting we saw in Sedona, Arizona when traveling in late fall 2013.  Here's the original inspiration.

and here's the video of the wraps coming off the loom.  
 Wait until you see what's next!  Ir's a big surprise and I won't be able to reveal anything until after January 17th.  Stay tuned, we'll publish a few hints.

Happy weaving!