Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I love yarn!

It's true.  I love yarn.  I enjoy touching it, spinning it, weaving it.  I enjoy any and all things that involve working with or creating yarn.  I've known this for many years but it was recently reinforced by the completion of yarn I was spinning.  It took 4 bobbins to create the two ply yarn you see in these pictures.  It's a soft gray with white slubs interspersed throughout the yarn.  I purchased the fiber from a local mill, Singleton Fiber Mill, in Frederick, MD.  It's one of their "house" blends called Romoca; a mix of romney, mohair and alpaca. It also has touches of angelina for shine.

I'm planning on weaving a long scarf on my Schacht Cricket and giving it a half twist before I join both ends to make it a mobius infinity scarf.  I have a sketch in my project journal.  Hoping to start this weekend.  Step 1 is to McMorran the yarn and see how much I have.  Step 2 is to plan the project on paper to see how much I need.  Step 3 is to pray the two numbers (amount needed and amount spun) are close.  Fingers crossed and pencil sharpened!

 Here's a little pic of the Schacht Cricket.  This is one of my favorite looms.  It super easy to warp, weave and move around the house or car with me as I weave.
This photo shows both the 10" and 15" Cricket.

One more thing!  Summer classes are starting NOW.  I am booked for June and have openings on weekdays and Saturdays in July and August.  Contact me at for details and prices.  Learn to weave this summer!