Monday, February 18, 2013

Where it begins

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Sunday with brunch at a favorite restaurant, Normandie Farm.  It's an old fashioned place.  The type where most everyone gets dressed up and popovers are served shortly after you are seated.  It was delicious.

In our Lotsaknots Etsy shop we sell pre-wound warps and my warping mill makes it easier.  Determined to accomplish something yesterday, I wound two new warps for sale in our shop.  The first is a 2.5 yard striped warp of mercerized cotton that would be nice for towels or a table runner or a reusable bag.  I often photograph the warp on the warping mill because it's easier to see the colors in the stripes.  You can read all the details about the kit here.

The second warp is a 2.5 yard warp of unmercerized variegated cotton in my favorite color, purple.  I failed to photograph it while on the warping mill and it's a bit harder to see the different colors in this fun yarn.  Purple, green and off white combine to make an interesting yarn which I believe will create great towels or a table runner.  More details can be found here.

Brunch was here at Normandie Farm

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