Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tropical Delights

Tropical Delights is a brand new, hot off the loom baby wrap ready for wrapping.  Available now in our Etsy shop, this wrap is all cotton with a 10/2 mercerized cotton warp and an 8/2 cotton weft.  It's hand woven in plain weave except the hems which are our signature twill.
It measures 29" wide and 3.5 meters (136.5") long.

Created using a combination of 6 colors with 4 main background colors, this wrap is as unique and wonderful as its name suggests.  Tropical Delights has a tactile, heart-shaped, hand stitched middle marker.  

Those are all the details and the important part is it wraps like a dream.  Sturdy, soft, supple, and definitely toddler worthy.  Designed to wrap a child from 8 to 35 pounds and provide maximum strength and comfort for both mother and child.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions st lotsaknots [at] msn [dot] com.  

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