Friday, September 5, 2014

We've gone tropical

Tiffany and babe.  She's wearing Dark Shadows, a Lotsaknots hand woven wrap and she reports it is wonderful.  It looks like we sprinkled this one with sleepy dust.  Actually, we have several pictures of mama wearing our wraps with  babes napping inside.  This is the newest and one of my favorites.

I working on finishing Tropical Breezes, a custom wrap, and Tropical Delight which will be for sale in the Lotsaknots Etsy store soon .  Our waiting list friends will receive an email when it;s posted in Etsy.  If it doesn't sell in a few hours, I will post about it on the Lotsaknots Facebook page.  

Enjoy a video of the Tropical wraps coming off the loom!

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