Monday, October 20, 2014

Weaving Odds and Ends

This is the current view from the loom.  

When I am weaving a baby wrap or anything, for that matter, I get wrapped up in the process and forget about everything else.  Especially the computer.  Weaving is a type of meditation for me.  I enjoy every step and tune our the world.  I watch the shuttle move from edge to edge and enjoy seeing the fabric grow.   Sometimes, I listen to a book on disc and find several minutes have passed and I haven't heard a word.

The warp currently being wound 
This is the warp for the next baby wraps being woven.  Janet is busy at the warping reel winding this warp.  She does it in 4 bouts or sections of over 200 threads each.  Then, they are wound onto the back beam of the loom and threaded into the heddles to prepare for weaving.  We're still a few weeks away from that.

Tropical Delight, the sister wrap to Tropical Breezes, is available for purchase in our Easy shop.  It's 3.5 meters long and 27" wide.  It's a soft, sturdy, light and lovely wrap awaiting a home.  It's brand new, never wrapped, never worn.  It could be yours!

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