Thursday, April 18, 2013

Winding one kit a day

I found something I enjoy creating and I'm planning on doing it daily.  I vow to wind one weaving kit every day, five days a week for the next 8 weeks to fill our Etsy shop.  I wound this one yesterday:
The weaving kits are all 176 ends, 2.5 yards long and include weft of 925 feet of the main color.  In this case, the weft is the same natural color as the selvedge stripe.  I love this springtime warp and think it would make a perfect table runner.  Or fabric for a bag.  Or towels.  The warp is 100% mercerized 3/2 cotton which is a great yarn for household items.  I include printed, detailed instructions to warp your loom, weave and wet finish the towels, table runner or fabric.

Check out our Etsy shop!  A new weaving kit will appear every day!  

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