Monday, March 5, 2012

Destination Poolesville (Maryland)

Destination Poolesville is a local event sponsored by the Poolesville (MD) Chamber of Commerce to highlight local businesses.  I will be there with Weave On Studio and Lotsaknots on Saturday, March 10 from 10am to 2pm.  Stop by and try using a drop spindle, a loom or some knitting needles.  Sign up for a class and buy a hand made scarf or two!  Over 30 vendors will be there to showcase their products and services.

Saturday was the last class for my current group of rigid heddle students.  I demonstrated indirect warping and we enjoyed sharing the completed projects.  Everyone seems to have enjoyed the Cricket loom and learning to weave.  Joyce has rented a loom for the next month and Claudia and Jackie are looking forward to trying out the 15" Cricket when it arrives in early April.

Jackie wove a small rug using cotton warp and blue jeans for weft.  It's a bit difficult to see the jeans but they're there.  The warp is yarn she purchased at the annual Guild yarn sale.
Rugs are a bit difficult to weave on a rigid heddle loom since the heddle doesn't give you the opportunity to beat the weft in very firmly.  It was great she gave it a try because she learned a lot about the loom and her materials.  Since I am currently weaving a rug with Pendleton selvedges for weft, this gave us a chance to talk about floor looms and rug weaving.  In addition, I demonstrated how to weave on my Glimakra Standard.
Joyce started this scarf in class last week.  The warp is 3/2 cotton sett at 8 ends/inch and the weft is a thick and thin rayon in turquoise, white and black.  The finished scarf has beautiful drape and the color is wonderful on her.
At the right is a close up of the scarf.  I apologize if it's a bit blurry.  I wanted to show off the colors.

Jackie made a wool and rayon shawl that looked lovely on her!  The blue warp is very light and soft and the chenille weft gave the shawl a little body and maintain the beautiful hand that only chenille and wool provide.  She did a lovely job weaving and finishing the shawl.

Class this week should be titled BLUE because everyone did their project in a shade of blue.  Claudia did blue stripes on a blue striped warp.  She measured and counted very carefully to have the scarf come out in a tartan looking plaid.  Kudos to her for such fine work.  

Well, I have lots to do to prepare for Destination Poolesville.  Hope to see you there.  

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