Thursday, February 9, 2012

All the looms are busy!

Broken twill wool fabric
I am enjoying three very different projects on the 3 looms I use most often.  First, on my brand new Julia (8 shaft countermarche) I am working on a broken twill wool fabric that is almost finished.  I think it will be a small handbag.  It started as a sample, hoping to be a scarf but fabric seems like a better idea because it is very coarse and has little drape.

Pendleton selvedges rug
On my Glimakra Standard (8 shaft countermarche) I am weaving 2 rugs using 8/4 cotton warp and Pendleton selvedges for the weft.  I am loving the way it looks and can't wait to get it done and off the loom to see it on the floor.  I hope to sell these.

Cotton placemats

On the Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom, I am weaving new placemats for our home.  The yellow yarn is a supplemental warp.  I had hoped to do something different with the supplemental warp but the sample came out awful so I regrouped and decided to weave it in over the brown yarn underneath.  The supplemental has longer floats than the rest of the placemat.  I am using 2 heddles so it's slow going.  The line of 4 weft threads is the cutting line for the 2nd placemat.
Happy weaving!

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Laverne said...

Love the broken twill.Those are my colors...lovely terracotta. It will make a pretty bag.