Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Farewell to Julia

Over a year ago I purchased a weaving kit, something I rarely do, for a Bronson lace shawl made with alpaca/silk.  It was a good deal from Yarn Barn of Kansas.  The yarn was on the expensive side and the draft was easy enough.  I made it for my best friend.  I should say I cursed, struggled and pulled my hair out over that shawl.  It was my second 8 shaft project on the Julia.  The first, a simple twill bread cloth, was not a success.  I adjusted the 8 shafts, lamms and treadles on my Julia countermarch loom an easy dozen times before I finished that shawl.  It's a beautiful piece.  I'd love to make another one but not on that loom.  Julia and I are parting ways.

After I finished the shawl, I took 4 shafts off the Julia and wove several other items successfully.  I concluded that Julia and I do not work together in 8 shafts.  After a while I began thinking, how ridiculous.  I bought an 8 shaft loom.  I want to weave 8 shaft patterns.  The only conclusion I came to was that I needed to sell the Julia and buy a different loom.

So, after several months and several postings on weaving sales sites, Julia is heading to a new home.  I hope you enjoyed my little video tribute to Julia.

Next week I'll return with some big baby wrap news!

Merry Christmas to all!!

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Helga Jossen said...

I would recommande you a Louet David or a Louet Spring. Fantastic shed!