Monday, October 22, 2012

Website Woes

Several months ago we realized we were needlessly running two separate businesses and it was time to combine them.  I had started Weave On Studio to teach weaving and spinning.  For almost 10 years Janet and I have owned Lotsaknots and sell our hand crafted wearables under that name.  Since I was now teaching and selling Schacht spinning and weaving equipment and accessories, it seemed logical to combine all the business efforts as Lotsaknots.
One problem.  Combining the two separate websites proved beyond my abilities.  Well, it was beyond the capabilities of the people working for  They were polite and did their best, I think.  They just never got the job done.  So, I went the logical route today and cancelled hosting for Weave On Studio and hosted only Lotsaknots.  Simple, direct, straight and easy.  Not so fast.  It took all day to sort things out and now you will see only Lotsaknots where it has always belonged HERE.

In celebration of sorting out the mess, I will be editing our new and improved site.  But not today.  I'm saving that for this weekend when I plan to add many more photos and a better selection of the handmade items we offer for sale.  

For now, it's time to join our friend, Jordan, in a happy dance (wearing a poncho Janet and I made).
From the shameless commerce division, purchase this poncho at our Etsy shop.

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