Friday, October 5, 2012

Weaving, spinning, knitting and so forth

I fear I may forget how to write so here is a quick review of what I am doing.
On the Cricket I am currently working on a scarf which will serve as a sample for a stash busting project.  The plan is to weave enough yardage for a vest and this is the sample.
The warp is a selection of knitting yarns and the weft is 8/2 tencel. 

 I have been hiding in the basement putting a 10 yard warp on the Glimakra Standard which may soon be christened Big Bertha.  It's very colorful warp and so is the planned weft.  This should yield 5 rugs.
Various colors of carpet warp'in a graduated stripe pattern with log cabin in the center.  The rugs will be various twill patterns and are all sett at 12 epi.

I am hoping to find time this weekend to wind a warp for a double weave project which will be going on the Julia.  This project is for my HalloWeave group on Weavolution.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!
Happy weaving, spinning and knitting to all.

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Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, loving the colors, Claudia.