Thursday, June 3, 2010

For love of weaving

I love to weave.  I love all of it, not just throwing the shuttle across the warp.  I enjoy the math of project planning, measuring the warp on the mill, threading the heddles, tying the warp to the front apron bar.  All of it.  And, teaching became a natural outlet for this love affair.

Teaching weaving on rigid heddle looms is fun.  The looms are affordable, portable and easier to handle than a floor loom.  I enjoy all the variation in the rigid heddle looms you can buy just as I enjoy the variation in floor looms.  In fact, I own 2 Kromski Harps, a Glimakra Emilia, and  a Schacht 25".  Pretty diverse.  I also own 2 floor looms, a Schacht Baby Wolf and a Glimakra Standard.  Again, 2 very different looms.

Saturday is the start of another 4 week session of classes.  I am as excited as a 5 year old beginning kindergarten.  It's all brand new.

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