Thursday, March 27, 2014

One ends and another begins

Hale akala and Awakea are all done and I am currently working on Dreamland, the next custom baby wrap.  Here is the inspiration photo for Dreamland.
And, the mock up for the wrap
Finally, here is a collage from beaming the warp onto the loom and getting ready to thread it.
I couldn't resist taking a video as I removed Hale akala and Awakea from the loom so here it is:


msthimble said...

Claudia I just discovered your blog via Laverne Waddington. Your work is so lovely and the videos so educational!! Loved learning the invisible join. Can you please explain how a baby wrap is used? I have never seen one in use, but i love origami, furoshiki and any kind of wrapping and tying. Here in NYC we see babies in carriages, strollers or those backpack things, never anything as organic or artistic as a handwoven wrap. Also can you explain how wide the wraps are? The colors are so beautifully blended and your weaving is impeccable!!

Claudia Segal said...

If you Google baby wearing or baby wrap you will find tons of information. There are lots of Facebook groups for Mamas who use baby wraps and for how to wrap you child in the yards of cloth. Many women are choosing hand woven wraps because they want a specific design or color.