Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's a blessing!

I enjoy weaving baby wraps and feel lucky we have a waiting list of mamas who want custom wraps from Lotsaknots.  We have worked out our own little "production line".  Janet, who has an amazing innate sense for color, does the initial design and works on a mock up of the wrap.  The mama chooses a photo or picture for inspiration and Janet works with her on the warp design.  Here is an example of a mock up and the final wrap.
Janet winds the warp and together we beam it onto the loom.  
I take over and thread the warp, weave a sample and consult with the mama on the weft color.  I do the weaving and the finishing.  Janet jumps in at the end to correct any weaving errors such as a skipped thread, and I do the wet finishing and ironing.  We have it worked out and it's going well.

I was recently asked to add blessing threads to the wrap that is currently on the loom.  It's the sister wrap to the Wizard of Oz Competition of Weavers wrap.  This one is called "Follow the Yellow Brick Road".  Here's a video of the wrap and the blessing threads.

See you soon,
Claudia and Janet
The Lotsaknots Team

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