Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's on the loom?

I never seem to have just one project in process but I just finished 4 rugs, including the best one I have ever made:   It's an 8 foot long runner that will hopefully go somewhere in our home.  The colors are almost perfect for our main floor and I am very proud of the result.

Both my floor looms are currently empty and I have been sampling for my first baby wrap.  What's a baby wrap?  It can be many things but the ones I am planning are long (4 - 6 yards) pieces of fabric used to hold a baby against your body.  The wrapping process is quite elaborate as the fabric wraps around the wearer, the baby, over the shoulders and around the body of the wearer a second time.  Instructions can be found all over YouTube.  Here is one I find quite helpful:

I received a request for a custom baby wrap about a month ago.  I read everything I could find and consulted with my client to learn she wanted a handwoven baby wrap.  I started, as I always do, with a little sample to see which weft my client preferred with the striped warp I wound using the colors of her choosing.

The top half is the green weft separated by the silver and the bottom half is the pink weft.  The pink is very bright and cheery and that's the color my client chose.  She has 2 daughters and the wrap will be large enough to hold both her toddler and her 6 month old.

I am looking forward to doing many more wraps in the future and have found a pattern I am hoping to try soon.  I will probably sample it first to learn more about the colors and design.  Here is a small sample of one of my favorite patterns:  

This pattern allows for a different color at each edge or rail as they are known in the baby wrap lingo.  It makes it easier when using the wrap to have some differentiation between the two edges.  I am looking forward to sampling this design on one of my other looms.  Winding the warp may be complex or I may wind half the total number of ends in each color and divide them in the reed.  Then, I will warp the loom front to back and the threads will fall into place as I beam the warp.  I will do my best to take photos as I move along.

We currently have a waiting list for handwoven baby wraps but will be moving full steam ahead now that vacations are over.  I expect the waiting list will diminish quickly.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions at lotsaknots at msn dot com.  You can also leave a note on our Facebook page.  

Happy weaving!
Claudia and Janet

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