Monday, July 15, 2013

Wild warping derby!

It's been a busy time in the study and today I took time to wind two warps for new projects.  First, is a warp for overshot placemats.  The placemats are heading to the new home of my son and daughter-in-law who moved back to the east coast after many years of living all over the world.  It's great having them back.
I finished winding the white warp and have taken it off the rough sley before beaming on the loom.

Once the white warp was finished, I began direct warping my 20" Schacht Flip with a 2.5 yard warp for more placemats.  These will be a natural warp and a cocoa brown weft placemat pattern I designed for the rigid heddle loom.  More about that in a future post.

I plan to finish beaming the rigid heddle loom tomorrow.  I will also start weaving the placemats then.

Although it's great fun planning and starting two weaving projects, I assure you I stop to smell the flowers.  Well, I stop and take pictures of them at least.

Featured here are the state flower of Maryland, the black eyed Susan.  We had a huge batch of them in another part of the garden and when we move the butterfly bush, a few came along for the ride.

I couldn't resist a photo of these flowers although I am uncertain if they are hollyhocks or gladiolas. I believe they are gladis but would appreciate any help you have to offer on identifying these lovely orange beauties growing in a neighbors garden.

Happy weaving!

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Andrea said...

Those are Glads. Mine come back every year, but just one color grows, a coral/pink.