Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New items in our Etsy store

I'm not a perfectionist but I like to do things the best I possibly can.  It takes time and patience to edit photos, post them in the Etsy shop and add a description.  I know some shop owners who write one description for their hand woven scarves and it serves as the description for every one they list.  I'm not like that.  Each scarf creates a different look and creates a certain look when you wear it.  That's why I like to show scarves and shawls on our favorite model and not just laying on a table.

Jordan is so expressive and makes working with her such fun.  She adds personality to the scarf.

So, check out our Etsy shop by clicking here and you'll see lots of new listings and lots of great pictures of Jordan.  The scarves are available now, she's not.

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