Friday, August 31, 2012

My busy looms are empty

I have 4 looms that are usually all busy in one stage of a project but things are very quiet at the moment.  I completed a commission for a scarf on my 15" Flip, the sample on my Cricket reached the end and I warped it but haven't started weaving yet, I am threading overshot placemats  on my Julia countermarche and nothing on the big Glimakra yet.  I feel as though my weaving has taken the end of summer off.  I'm sure you sense my mood in this post.

So, what has sucked up my time?  First, I have been busy winding warps for the weaving kits we sell HERE in our Etsy shop.  I have also been spinning and getting to know my new Schacht cherry Matchless wheel.  And, finally, I have been busy selling some of my looms.

My goal for our Etsy shop is to have at least a dozen kits available at all times.  I had to take a short break after 6 (there are five in the shop and a 6th one ready to add).  I've been having pain and swelling in my right knee and it's flared up so it may have to wait another week.

I am getting acquainted with my cherry Matchless.  I love the wheel ad it has several different features from the Sidekick which we have owned since last November.  One of the first projects I finished was this bright pink wool/silk which I am using to make a lace scarf for my daughter in law.  I have the pattern and once I am done knitting the hat I have in progress, I'll start her scarf.  She is not likely to want it for a few months.  She has another 5 months of her deployment to Afghanistan as a Captain in the US Army.  I can be calm about it right now, she and my son are on R&R for a few more days.

Have a great holiday weekend.  Look for me at the Nationals game Saturday afternoon.  GO NATS!!  I'll be wearing my Strasburg t-shirt and my curly W hat.  

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