Monday, June 1, 2009

Weavolution, weavolution, weavolution

It's getting close, we will soon have our Weavolution.
I must confess, I have loved reading, writing entering data on the alpha version of our website. It's been great.

I also never imagined how much work is involved. I have spent almost 10 hours at the computer AGAIN today, just for Weavolution. Ads, contracts, invoices, keeping track of same. It's exhausting and the learning curve has been steep. Plus, I want and need every invoice to be perfect. All very challenging and so very rewarding.

so, no weaving, no pictures, just lots of WEAVOLUTION. And soon, everyone will be able to join. Just one week. Yikes!!

1 comment:

Lynnette said...

I can't wait! Really want it to be everything that Ravelry is and more. Counting the days.