Friday, March 27, 2009

Facebook fever

I have completely abandoned my blog in favor of reading everyone else's, Facebook and Twitter. I don't miss it but I feel responsible for abandoning the commitment I made to publish in the weave ring. I will be winding a new warp soon so i will work on taking pictures of that.

It's not like I'm sitting around reading blogs, Peg Carpenter's, Talking about Weaving is great. I've learned so much. I have also been reading Peggy Osterkamp's books and applying her ideas and theories to my work. But I don't have time for anything else, much less taking pictures and writing in a blog.

My biggest time commitment is Weavolution and it's a labor of love. I have done lots but there is so much more to get done. More auctions to hold, more items to list on ebay, more people to contact about buying advertising when we launch. The tasks seem endless.

I'm done. Off to finish making dinner.

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Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you for the comment about my blog---I really appreciate it. Yes, Weavolution is a big commitment. It's sometimes hard to give up other things when a big commitment is made to something. As for me, I am glad you have made this commitment.